Executive Geek

Going from zero to startup. What I’ve read and found useful is all enlisted on this page. Our own transition was helped by books, friends and mentors.

This page and is far from complete, your welcome to get in touch with us and help us evolve it.

1st Month: Think Big!

2nd Month: Bullet-proof your idea (Risk Reduction).

3rd Month: Define your value proposition.

4th Month: Planning for a Business.

5th Month: Iterative Innovation, Release Early, Release Often

Minimum Viable Product

Pivots: Navigating for Product / Market Fit


6th Month: Marketing, Awareness, Adoption.

7th Month: Gaining Momentum.

8th Month: Profit for sustainability.

9th Month: Raise Money, or scrape some together.

Raising serious money from Professional Investors/Venture Capitalists.

Master your disruptive contribution.

Managing up and down.

Other books worth reading.

The Economics of Media, Web2.0 and E-Commerce businesses.

I need inspiration. I need to know this has happened to others. It’s never too late to start over.

Read Founders@Work. Just turn to any story, any page and start reading. This is not to be read in one go, it’s most useful when you think you’re a complete idiot. Also, don’t forget to read Guy Kawasaki’s list of best pages from the book. Make your own list. We both have our list that we’ll put on the blog someday.

Startup Resources from around the web.

Pune startup communities

Business Models & Open Source and Free Software


16 Comments on “Executive Geek”

  1. Nishant Modak says:

    Thanks for all this info.

    Really useful.

  2. Shabbir says:

    How about “Crossing The Chasm” and “The Art of the Start”? I am in the middle of reading Crossing the Chasm, so far found it insightful.

  3. startupinaction says:

    I am in the middle of doing the same thing and chronicaling my experiences.

  4. thanks a lot for the links!

  5. Interesting collection of entrepreneur links – I am in the process of writing a series of articles in the Hindu Business Line – the first three are already online – check ’em out at here. http://www.google.com/search?q=hindubusinessline+entrepreneur+k-srikrishna%40hotmail.com&hl=en&filter=0
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Amazed at the amount of info in this page.Thanks!

  7. Kris Nair says:

    Very interesting information! gr8!

  8. Ashutosh Pavaskar says:

    As far as I know, this page is the finest collection of articles on VC funding, overall management and how to do it advice from real professionals.

    Thanks Santosh and Anjali for the effort and time spent on the website.


  9. […] educate you, Sukshma.net (the blog of Santosh and Anjali, founders of Bookeazy and Lipikaar) have put together this list of articles and books that they found useful in their own journey. Here is a full list, shamelessly […]

  10. This is a great compilation for startups.

    Another great resource could be to search in delicious.com for startups and related tags.

    I have complied a good list of management books which will help many entrepreneurs build great companies –

  11. Amit Singh says:

    I guess, I am finding it bit late, but still it is good collection of useful articles.

  12. rahulsale says:

    Excellent work. Thanks a lot

  13. […]  First check out this great resource for internet & startup 101 links – https://sukshma.net/executive-geek/  […]

  14. Saravan says:

    i think i got this article 2 years back when i start my first entrepreneur journey..amazing wonderful articles.thanks santhosh

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