The word sukshma (सूक्ष्म) was originally uncovered in an Oxford Hindi-English dictionary when searching for a name for this blog. It has roots in vedic text to describe the subtle, or that which cannot be experienced through common senses – a cool thought to begin exploring the underlying mechanics of our worlds.

A few highlighted posts that I would like any visitor to read:

About me: Inspired by the TV show character Doogie Howser MD and the online blogging trend, I wrote my first blog online in 2000. Raised in Pune, I’ve seen a little bit of the world before coming back in search of myself.

My works online include, tinkeron.com – an online lab for tinkering with ideas, punestartups.org – a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and startups in Pune, dubzer – an experiment in the translation of digital content online by humans and machines, BookEazy.com – an online movie ticket booking service that delighted several thousand movie-goers in Pune.

I’ve devoted my life’s work to the cultivation of imagination, creativity and prosperity. I’m at best a beginner.

I work out of Pune, India. Get in touch by leaving me a comment here with what you’ve got on your mind, or on skype where I am ‘sdawara’.


9 Comments on “About”

  1. hey buddy! What’s up? Like I dont know you but I visited ur web site and liked the name … ‘Sukshma’!!!! Me An Indian settled in UAE and working as an IT Professional here in Dubai Internet City! Good to know abt ya…take care! Have a nice day!

  2. Khushi says:

    The picture of Mt Rainier on your blog makes my desire even more adamant to visit this nature’s masterpiece.

    Your blog along with the person behind it, as always is a source of inspiration.

    Good luck in all your endeavors.

  3. Sameer Oak says:

    Hello Santosh,

    While browsing through, I came across a few notes written about opensource.

    I have 6 years of exeperience in Linux systems programming (not kernel level) in C, all with product based companies.

    Kindly let me know what all products in your companies porfolio. I am keen to join a startup for the simple reason of “sky is the limit.”

    – sameer oak.

  4. max says:

    Indeed a nicely put & informative site Santosh.. the effort is bearing fruits to many..

    Have covered quiet a few varied techy aspects on your blogs.. which I came by desperately seeking help with Airtel Mobile Office.
    The same remains unresolved but that ok..
    Just wished I could use Opera Mini on Nokia 6070
    & use the same fone to connect via MO, on a Win98 PC.

    So, are you based out of Poona?
    I myself do keep hopp ing ON&OFF in Poona & infact its here that I need NET either ways..

    thanx in Advance
    maxfactor2050 AT gmail DOT com

  5. Divyesh says:

    hey santosh and anjali,

    Would surely be a pleasure to meet you guys at the barcamp IIT mumbai. Have been a regular there since ages but somehow missed you guys.

    We at Delta Technologies have recently launched mad a freeware mobile learning initiative for the students appearing for cat, gmat, gre and equivilant exams.

    Do visit www(dot)madmobilesoftware(dot)com or alternatively sms info mad to 56677 to download the application via GPRS.


    P.S: the applications are freewares 😉 and need no operational GPRS or any connectivity.

  6. Mentors says:

    Hi, We need a Customized Gaming Software for Offline Activity for a unique concept. If this basics excites you, please revert at the earliest possible for further details.


  7. sohum says:

    in my view airtel give very bad speed i think bec of tht everyone want to stop using there tht service if they dont do anthing for tht

  8. Hi Santosh,

    Real nice blog. Keep it up!

    Possibly a completely unrelated question to your blog – the main picture that you have your blog -Sambuca Cafe… Is this picture from NYC or Dallas? Just curious..I was a big fan of the Sambuca Cafe in Dallas for many years -;)



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