Is your Toddler Using your iPad Touch?

In a recent feature, Bits NYTimes illustrated how toddlers were taking to Apps on the iPhone, iPad and other touch devices. Labs with toy makers Fisher-Price and LeapFrog are covered extensively in the article. The numbers published are astounding considering they want to reach out to the very young starting as early as 6 month-old’s. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn applications have been downloaded over 3 million times!

I’ve observed my son to be pretty hands-on with my laptop’s touchpad when watching his favorite youtube videos. I’d love to learn more about your own experience – do you have a toddler who’s warmed up to your touch device?

Applications include – story books, learning counting, singing along,

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Here’s a video of a 2 year old using an iPad to draw.

An update 9th September 2012. A study found that enhanced ebooks were distracting and children lost the narrative thread. Read more about it on the Guardian.


2 Comments on “Is your Toddler Using your iPad Touch?”

  1. My son uses my iphone and my ipad, primarily to watch youtube and play his games. His first reaction on seeing any bright surface (including TV, laptop screen, older non-touch phones) is to touch the screen and try to drap things around.

    • Santosh says:

      Hi Rohit,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve recently found another similar story from my personal network.

      I had a relative visiting from Cyprus who said pretty much the very same thing – his 4 yr-old uses his tablet and when on the desktop, reaches out for the desktop screen in the same way as he would for the screen of the tablet. He literally *wanted* to touch and drag stuff and navigate around and could not do so!