How did the Fabia do?

Fabulously! A number of users left comments talking about how great the car was. However, on closer analysis – I found that some of the comments were fudged. Looks like Skoda has hired an online marketing firm to go plant comments trumping up the cars features.

Here are the best comments from my earlier blog post discussing the Fabia’s launch in Pune, thank you for your comments and your attention!

Rajan Khanna: Some useful info on Fabia that I got it:
The 1.4L diesel TDI engine and the 1.2L petrol engine (with a single power option), and with manual transmission is likely to be offered in disel & petrol classic/ambiente. under 4m in length at 3992mm to qualify for the excise norms of the small car. Wide at 1642mm and tall at 1498 mm, the car has a ground clearance of 146mm.

Ramesh Oak: If at all you are thinking of visitng the Baner road show room, don’t bother. They are selling dreams and not cars – with Rs. 50000/- for booking the car. They don’t really have the cars to sell. One salesman said I am new here, I don’t know anything. Another one said we have a lot of VIPs and VVIPs who have booked the cars, so we are not taking any more bookings, even if you pay the Rs. 50000/-Fabia was a dream. Fabia remains a dream. Ok, here are the ex-showroom prices at Pune.Classic 1.4 TDI 6.35 laks
Ambiente 1.4 TDI 7.15 lakhs
Elegence 1.4 TDI 7.68 lakhs
Elegence 1.4MPI 6.8 lakhsNow you decide whether to trust newspaper reports…particularly, Times of India!

Karun Awasthi: Immediate launch is 1.4L Diesel(Classic) & 1.2 L petrol (Ambiente). Elegance & Activ will follow.


14 Comments on “How did the Fabia do?”

  1. Ismit Narula says:

    Fabia did manage to put up a grand show inspite of unprecedented hype about Tata I Lac car. now with latest TV commercial Fabia has reated fresh interest

  2. Nanu Virani says:

    Yes, this TV ad suits the feelspecial appeal

  3. najoo khan says:

    thatz the much talked about commercial

  4. Imran baig says:

    I dont know whose promoting the fabia online and why. This car does not need any hard selling.
    Its lovely the way it is.

  5. Tarun Mazumdar says:

    Yes, Fabia campaign is trail blazing

  6. Ramesh Oak says:

    I agree Tarun, only the Campaign is….the car is way behind…

  7. Akhtar Suleiman says:

    Ramesh! In wat way u think? Feeling is Fabia is fabulous.

  8. Harshit Mankhurde says:

    In a few days auto expo hangover will go. Car fever helped me settle on what I feel is best option for me. Booked a Fabia

  9. Jaikishan Sansi says:

    Fabia is example of good communication for good product

  10. Tasneem Sheikh says:

    How Fabia did it? not surprised at all. It had to live upto the name

  11. Akash says:

    Hey this is 4 Ramesh Oak,
    Till when are the 1.2l petrol variants likely to come and how much will they cost?

  12. Akash says:

    oh sorrry thats 4 Karun Awasthi

  13. Ramesh Oak says:

    ….and the newness has waned…not a comment for three weeks and counting…

  14. Middle Man says:

    Well, the campaign on Czech Airlines didn’t appeal to me – quite the opposite.