Skoda Fabia launches in Pune

The buzz in town is that the hot little Skoda Fabia is about to step out into the big world right here in Pune in 7 days from now.

What is this post doing here? It only started out as a tribute to a great looking car I aspire to own. However, the comments have been insightful, from people arguing about the price to the delivery schedule (apparently, deliveries start in June 2008).

Skoda Fabia


42 Comments on “Skoda Fabia launches in Pune”

  1. tinu tanna says:

    am up for a test drive this weekend.get urs @

  2. robert tisco says:

    wishing all fabia lovers a full speed 2008

  3. naman menon says:

    Classic, Ambiente, Excellence & Active the sport variant are expected to be launched during auto expo

  4. Karun Awasthi says:

    Naman is not well informed. Immediate launch is 1.4L Diesel(Classic) & 1.2 L petrol (Ambiente).
    Elegance & Activ will follow.

  5. Rajan Khanna says:

    Some useful info on Fabia that I got it:
    the 1.4L diesel TDI engine and the 1.2L petrol engine (with a single power option), and with manual transmission is likely to be offered in disel & petrol classic/ambiente. under 4m in length at 3992mm to qualify for the excise norms of the small car. Wide at 1642mm and tall at 1498 mm, the car has a ground clearance of 146mm

  6. Ajinkya Haldule says:

    Fabia is doing everything in style. Their website is unique and personalised. You enter your name and take a conducted tour along the fabia exteriors, interiors, attractions & technicalities. It kind of pampers you already.

  7. Murali Iyengar says:

    I am told by someone who has taken a test drive that engine response is very good even with diesel.

  8. Hasmukh Mehta says:

    When driving Fabia, one of the first things you notice is just how comfortable the seats are, and how good the ride quality is. This is one comfy, relaxing car to drive.

  9. Sajan Pawar says:

    The fabia interior is well laid out and the quality of plastics used seems to be quite high.

    There is plenty of space in the back for adult passengers and even with four adults on board the performance doesn’t seem overly blunted.

  10. Abubakar Mansoor says:

    The fabia interior is well laid out and the quality of plastics used seems to be quite high.

    There is plenty of space in the back for adult passengers and even with four adults on board the performance doesn’t seem overly blunted.

  11. Trishla Abhyankar says:

    One can never undermine safety aspects with bad drviing culture in India. Fabia has done good job. It has even provided a belt for protecting child in the rear seat

  12. naman menon says:

    Fabia is poised to become a leader of premium hatchback segment of India. Dynamic looks and fresh design of Fabia gives it outstanding presence on road. Skoda Fabia will guarantee world-class luxury, with smart technology and state-of-the-art safety features

  13. Vardhman Chiulkar says:

    Hatchback users should thank Fabia for raising the bar. Other makes will have to follow the suit.

  14. pashi patnaik says: what a site what a car!!!!!!

  15. papa poncho says:

    fabia..jus what my heart recommended

  16. RP says:

    But, where is the car??? not yet in Hyderabad…. any latest news anybody has?

  17. vasanti kumpta says:

    Hi RP! By tomorrow the dealers all over india should have Fabia

  18. Kala Kurle says:

    Its a highly competitive car market . Each model has to stand up to the rivals. Likes of Fabia have Skoda backup

  19. Sajjan Chimanrao says:

    Fabia has features which no comparable car offers

  20. Minoo Keskar says:

    What a day?What a price? Fabia for 4.99 lacs. pinching myself.

  21. Sangeet Ahuja says:

    i am seeing pinchers all around. Fabia lovers can not believe the pricing

  22. kamana khanna says:

    Now that rabbit of Fabia pricing is out lets not waste time in booking

  23. Soman Bager says:

    4.99 Lakhs?? What have you been smoking?

  24. Chandra Kute says:

    The reverse gear on the Fabia is top left, next to the first. Is there a safety lock on this so that you do not engage reverse when you want to shift in the first gear? Any One knows?

    if you do, please post your comments…thanks in advance.

  25. Ramesh Oak says:

    The delivery schedule on this is ridiculous…now booking June 2008 deliveries. I will be old and grey by then and need a walking stick.

    Some say I am already there.

  26. Santosh says:


    unbelievable delivery schedule!

  27. Santosh says:

    With the marketing and buzz around the car, I would have thought they would start delivery ASAP.

  28. Ramesh Oak says:

    If at all you are thinking of visitng the Baner road show room, don’t bother. They are selling dreams and not cars – with Rs. 50000/- for booking the car. They don’t really have the cars to sell. One salesman said I am new here, I don’t know anything. Another one said we have a lot of VIPs and VVIPs who have booked the cars, so we are not taking any more bookings, even if you pay the Rs. 50000/-

    Fabia was a dream. Fabia remains a dream.

  29. Chindra Kute says:

    yes, and who knows if they will actually deliver in June? They postponed the launch only three times. I wonder if they have their timelines in perspective. Marketting before manufacturing is not too smart. Why would they do this?

    Ramesh is right. When you are old you don’t need a hacht-back — you will be a hunch-back yourself!

  30. Minoo Keskar says:

    But I did read it in Times of India – 4.99 lacs for Fabia

  31. Santosh says:

    Is the Hatchback idea really the key need?

  32. Jerome Baxi says:

    Have you noticed that only Fabia in its class provides parking sensors?

  33. Yogesh Baxi says:

    I vouch for Fabia, having used it for two years in Germany

  34. Chandra Kute says:

    least number of colors are avialable in the most expensive version…go figure

  35. Ramesh Oak says:

    Ok, here are the ex-showroom prices at Pune.

    Classic 1.4 TDI 6.35 laks
    Ambiente 1.4 TDI 7.15 lakhs
    Elegence 1.4 TDI 7.68 lakhs
    Elegence 1.4MPI 6.8 lakhs

    Now you decide whether to trust newspaper reports…particularly, Times of India!

  36. Santosh says:

    Thanks Ramesh for the prices.

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  38. Raghu says:

    Guys here is Price form Bangalore
    Active– Not available as of Now

    Classic 1.4 TDI – 7.5 Lakhs

    Elegence1.4 TDI 8.58 Lakhs

    Ambience 1.4 TDI 9.08 lakhs

    Now can you pay so much even if it’s premium Car, and at 9.08 only you get all the much taled options with basic 7,5 what you get is a car and engine, No pwoerwindow,No ABS, No parkotranic,No projector headlamps

    I am totally lost

  39. Neminath Patil says:

    I guess ABS, Parktronic are in all variants

  40. Anil says:

    Classic(Basic Model) is also substantially loaded compared to its competition. It does have power windows and steering along with automatic climate control, CD player , comfy seats , dual airbags etc.. What it doesn’t have is ABS , alloy wheels and the like..

  41. Aftab says:

    No doubt a great car. The high prices to a certain extent can be justified but the most disappointing /irritating is the engine noise both outside and inside the cabin. The bangalore showroom has been hesitant to start the engine and everyday a new story to start the test drive. I have booked it, but am giving a second thought because of the engine noise..

  42. Aftab says:

    I had a test drive today.

    1) What i noticed is that all SKODA vehicles does have higher levels of engine noise.. T
    2) The Brand new vehicle does give a lot of noise but with a few ‘000 kms it should soften is what i was told.
    3) I did a comparison of SWIFT VDI and LOGAN… Both of them are noisy but a little lesser than Fabia.
    4) Good news is that…SKODA is planning a KIT that will act as a cover to the engine and that will bring down the engine noise. Hope its true and it does reduce the noise.
    5) The power is good enough for the car. The features and the good quality material used is simply good.
    6) Please read the AUTOCAR – Jan 2008 —9 out of 10 is the rating.

    I think i will go for it.