Google signs deal with AirTel for GPRS users attention

Why would Google India sign a deal with AirTel to share advertising revenue for data applications?

Bharti Airtel Ltd, India’s largest mobile service provider with nearly 53 million customers, plans to tie up with leading Internet portals for sharing advertising revenue when Airtel’s subscribers visit those websites through mobile Internet.
“We have an exclusive tie-up with Google, Inc. in India to share advertising revenue every time our subscribers are exposed to their advertisement,” said a company spokesperson, who did not give details of revenues it generates from that association and how many such tie-ups it expects to conclude with other websites.
A Bharti Airtel executive said 35-40% of Airtel customers have handsets that are enabled with GPRS (general packet radio service, a wireless technology supporting high-speed data); the executive requested anonymity. The company reported Rs12,198 crore as consolidated revenues for the six months ended September, registering a 49.7% growth over the corresponding period of the previous year. read more…

Question of the Day!

Is the mobile flavored Internet going to cost startups? Why do Operators want a finger in all pies?


4 Comments on “Google signs deal with AirTel for GPRS users attention”

  1. Madhurima says:

    Instead of asking the question “Why do Operators want a finger in all pies?”….I am more insterested in learning “Why should Google bolster the providers in India whereas in US it is trying to open up the mobile space out of operator clutches?”
    I guess one could argue that it will be while before this wave hits India.

  2. Santosh says:

    Hi Madhurima,

    Good question! Google’s turnaround in India is only to gain traction. I am confident that that much is true.

    India has much more to lose. The wireless service in India reaches more people with more diverse needs. The slower Operators move, the worse the disconnect between the marketplace and the consumer. For example, an independent appn developer for the mobile will find it hard to reach out to consumers without Operator assisted traction.

    The wave better hit India first!

    – Santosh

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