Fring de! India

VOIP for mobile happens to be one of my top predictions for fastest growing markets in India. Fring is the application making it happen. It is already the most frequently used application on my Nokia E61i. I use Fring for Skype International calls, chat on GTalk, MSN and other networks. The only drawback is that it seems to suck out your mobile battery faster than you can imagine. I end up having to restrict its use to only when I am traveling.

The people behind Fring seem to acknowledge the huge interest and potential and have dedicated a blog to India. The blog is a great addition to help their customers, announce features and new phones compatible with Fring.

Now if only AirTel, Vodafone and the other big Mobile boys wake up and learn to walk their customers through enabling wireless data on their handsets.

Another product riding the mobile wave in India is Mowser who claim to receive more than twice as many mobile requests from India alone. Rajan attributes that interest primarily to dial-up users from India who use Mowser and other content adaptation engines for mobiles to surf the web.


9 Comments on “Fring de! India”

  1. mar00ned says:

    Fring is amazing. I dont know how it works with a 3G connection, but it works perfectly with a wi-fi connection.

  2. Santosh says:

    @Marooned, your right! I love Fring, it works ok on 2.5G for chat!

    – Santosh

  3. tubelite says:

    I tried out Fring on an E50, with Bluetooth. I had to do some complicated stuff to get my mobile to use my PC-with-broadband like an access point, only with Bluetooth rather than 802.xx (google gnubox).

    I called up 1-800-GOOG or whatever and got perilously close to ordering pizza from some place in Sutter Road, San Francisco. I doubt they would have given me a 30-minutes-or-free offer, though.

    Will anyone in India pull a T-mobile and legitimize wi-fi VOIP calls? Companies like Reliance and Bharti, who have a finger in both pies should certainly give it a shot.

  4. Fring is pretty awesome over WiFi, but I have used it for a Skype voice call even over a GPRS connection; quality was pretty low and the voice would get garbled now and then, but still usable 🙂

    Good stuff!

  5. Santosh says:

    There is also

    – Santosh

  6. Syed says:

    IndiVoIP is pleased to announce its launch of, a VoIP provider that specializes in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh markets. Please visit us for competitive rates and pre-configured fring clients.

  7. KrzyKat says:

    Syed, thanks, that site rocks. Now can call anywhere in India for like 2 cents US / minute.