SysInclude == Remarkable

I’m trying to keep only the best Startups from India in focus here. In order to get listed, a product has to be Remarkable, early stage, in sync with our times, and address a significant need which many people have.

SysInclude is a social network dedicated to IT professionals in India (and elsewhere) who work with the top IT shops.

Why does the idea rock? In our turbulent and confusing times, when everyone is vying to be a Facebook, SysInclude is a refreshing idea. They are focused on identifying and solving the needs of a large (enough) niche. They have wisely selected an audience with growing requirements.

They have restricted their registration to folks with a working e-mail address from a recognized IT shop. All other registrations are blocked. Their aim is to keep their resources and targets focused on their target audience.

Monetization should not be very hard for SysInclude. IT professionals are obvious targets for advertisers who wants to reach out to a high-spend, technology-savvy class of youth making anything from Rs. 5 lakhs p.a to the insane. Advertisers and sponsors will definitely include companies that recruit for IT, Startups looking for talent and advertisers from the retail, travel, automobile and real estate sectors.

The devil is definitely in the details. The team at SysInclude is geared to execute the idea with passion and perfection. They will need to work hard and innovate features that stretch beyond the ordinary. I am yet to see how they intend to make the idea compelling enough to draw in the audience through word of mouth. One possibility is to focus on answering the many questions that IT pros have including housing, services, work conditions, local information and networking.

What can they do better? I’d suggest that they open up a little to include professionals who aspire to either work in IT and are currently placed abroad (and have been invited to join by a friend). I get a number of requests from returning Indians every year with questions about jobs and companies.

I have not been able to gain access to screenshots of features for Sukshma. You can get a peek at a few shots on WebYantra here.


4 Comments on “SysInclude == Remarkable”

  1. Ankur says:

    UI is neat. Deserves high points on usability.

  2. Lalit says:

    The word “large niche” is oxymoron-ic. And SysInclude would find hard competing with linked in.

  3. Santosh says:


    Thank you for your comment. I’ve fixed the sentence to better reflect my intention.

    I doubt if SysInclude intends to compete with LinkedIn for the exact same audience.

    – Santosh

  4. Nigel says:

    I personally belive that SysInclude and the like will find it very hard to compete with Facebook and Orkut (the massive head count lead they have aside).

    One of the unique abilities of the social network is that users can build communites with common interests right within the existing network. (orkut communities/groups and Facebook neworks/groups)

    More so they can do this, without having to learn a new interface, create another account or visit another site.

    The other plus point of the bigger focus networks is that when you tire with a particluar interest, its really easy to move to another. Tired of developers and want to see what the music folks are doing, switch to a new group/community on the same site.

    I find it hard to understand how these niche social webs will grow.

    If exclusivity is your main selling point, how do you grow without losing that very plus point?

    If common interests is your main selling point, how do you compete with the broad focussed networks?