To Vakow or not to Vakow!

This is my recount covering the events of the Barcamp Mumbai 2, October 14th. Unfortunately, the post remained a draft for a while as more urgent concerns took over.

A recommendation to all organizers of future Barcamps – if you ever think of possible venues, give highest priority to an academic venue. IIT Powai lent an almost incredibly romantic and truly academic atmosphere to the Barcamp.

The web idea of the day goes to! They have taken an incredibly simple concept and built it for the web. If you love SMS forwards, you know the ones that go “neeche mat dekh, upar dekh” etc. you will love Vakow. Vakow is the single largest database for all types of SMS forwards. Yes, they will even preserve your white space.

What I really enjoyed was the attitude the founder members displayed when demonstrating their product. They are totally committed to having fun all the way and are unfazed by the idea of someone bigger than them invading their space.

Vakow had an exclusive in store for the campers, they are all set to launch an absolutely killer feature for their users soon. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the feature. Visit their site to check if they have an update.

Other startups that get an honorable mention,

  • – Video compression algorithms for streaming jerk-free Video on 2.5G Networks. They had an interesting demonstration and it appears the strategy they have adopted is to go through wireless carriers for monetization.
  • WatConsult – Rajiv Dingra walked campers through the basics of corporate blogging. He really ought to have covered corporate blogging a little deeper for those who have already been at it.

UPDATE I – Vakow was also featured on Economic Times “Advertising the most popular revenue model for Internet Biz“.


3 Comments on “To Vakow or not to Vakow!”

  1. Rajiv Dingra says:

    Hey I would have loved to cover it in depth but they din give me much time 😦 .. They had a cut off time and i could barely get a few slide explanation in as the audience kept asking questions. Though u can get part of that presentation on 🙂

  2. Santosh says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    Barcamp’s 30 minute format was almost always falling short. I don’t know if an additional 15 minutes would help. Great ppt nevertheless.

    – Santosh

  3. heyrg says:

    Hey, Thanks for the plug.

    Just so you know, you’re at “absolute full liberty” to write about any of our feature any time you feel like. 🙂

    Yday we launched another feature to store (and retrieve) your private SMSes. Please do let know your feedback.