Pink Floyd and AirTel

AirTel recently revealed a slick new ad for Pink Floyd ringtone downloads. Certainly made me turn my head! The advertisement features Pink Floyd’s famous “The Wall” soundtrack with a backdrop full of animation sourced from the original Pink Floyd concerts.

Marketing messages that cut through the noise are the ones that also come to you in your sleep.

~ Santosh

Pink Floyd - Marching Hammers


8 Comments on “Pink Floyd and AirTel”

  1. minaldesai says:

    yeah true…indian advertisement standards are getting higher and higher day by day…proud of that 🙂

  2. Assem says:

    Ads have got better with the use of technology, no doubt about that., but there are lots of foolish ad makers as well – theres more of the ad than the actual product they are trying to sell, doesnt make much sense there

  3. abhijit says:

    hey plzzzzz do me favor ………………….can u give me the name of Pink Floyd song….which is use for airtel advertisement.plzzzz ……let me give the name of song…….

  4. Assem says:

    Pink Floyd | Another Brick In The Wall,

  5. nishu says:

    this ad i cool .. but i think the ad airtel guys made on theme of alibaba and chalis chor was a classic

  6. Javed says:

    Is that the song played which is played when the hammers “walk”? I really need the song which is played at the end of the ad. I just loved the guitar!