You are a true bishopite when

From the Facebook group (Bishop’s School, Pune) .

For all ex and present students of the Bishops School ,Pune who have fond memories of our Alma Mater!!

You know you are a true Bishopite when:

  1. When somebody says that your house is the cock house you actually feel proud.
  2. You know who Smokey is
  3. You knew that the best place to bunk was the infirmary
  4. You knew what Mr. Roberts primary mode of transportation was
  5. You knew which teachers favorite line was ”Your handwriting looks like chicken walked on sand, bloody fool”
  6. You know who ANNA is
  7. You know who PAAPU is
  8. You know there was only one teacher who was known to chain smoke and he stood 6’2
  9. You have run around the race course
  10. When u know what Bulli-Bukka is

    7 Comments on “You are a true bishopite when”

    1. 🙂 the smile says it all …..”be thorough” ! \m/

    2. sid says:


      so true man, so true.

    3. Anjali says:

      No mention of the girls school next door 😉

    4. Sad to think that those days are Freezen over 😛

    5. sanjay mankekar says:

      anyone from 1981 batch passed out can call me on my cell9823018720

    6. Hiten Vasa says:

      Good job or should i say Thorough . . . .

      Actually i couldn’t answer some of them . . . . indicates one from a generation you guys didn’t know.

      The Lunn era.

      1. Mansfield and only Mansfield

      2. Smokey was actually in my batch – Smokey James. Apart from that, did you have a teacher ?

      3. Infirmary – interesting, it was the same in 60’s and 70’s. We actually had a woman as in-charge., before Nair took over.

      4. Gave a tough time to Roberts while he tried to settle at the School. Had fun with . . . .

      Do get in touch and regale with me stories of other bullets.

      Best wishes,

      Hiten Vasa
      1969 – 74

    7. gurjeet singh dhinjal says:

      the answers are:

      1)ya, mansfield is mansfield
      2)It was Mr.Beamans dog
      3)Ya,Mr Nair was the incharge
      4)the white ambassdor car
      5)I think Mr,desousa,the science teacher
      6)Mr Vargese the physisc teacher
      7)the peon in the office
      9)ya ,use to get 1 point for my house
      10)when i use to get punched by some one and he said bulle bukka and use to give me piece of the bulle