My Nokia E61i

I have been eyeing a new phone to replace my existing Nokia 6230 for a while now. I finally caved in and bought a brand new Nokia E61i from the Nokia priority dealer in the Pune city area today.Nokia 6230

My last smart phone was a BlackBerry 7100. The phone was tuned for e-mail like other BlackBerry’s. However, the 7100 fit well in my jeans since RIM managed to squeeze in two alphabets for every key. Setting up GMail on the BlackBerry was a breeze and did not require additional tweaks. Using the proprietary BlackBerry network, my desktop Outlook contact book always stayed in sync with my BlackBerry. I could even charge my BlackBerry over USB – a feature that was extremely handy when I traveled overseas.

The BlackBerry 7100 (and later models) are killer e-mail devices because they do the following extremely well.

  • push e-mail
  • new e-mail notification
  • a huge local e-mail cache with search
  • a complete contact book to store names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • keep your e-mail, desktop contact book and calendar in sync without cables
  • the ability to modify your “sent from”
  • auto configure access to GMail and other popular personal e-mail providers

However, without the BlackBerry network, it is next to impossible to provide the functionality listed above. Joining the BlackBerry network in India costs Rs. 2000 a month which is by no means priced for individuals. In comparison, AirTel GPRS costs Rs. 350 a month with no caps on how much data you can transfer. Additionally, we decided to avoid Microsoft Exchange and opt for Google apps for our office e-mail infrastructure. Until and unless you plan to be on the BlackBerry network, a BlackBerry might not be a good fit.

Nokia E61i

There are several phones that compete fairly in the general smart phone category. I had a serious look at Samsung i600 (~Rs. 18,500), Nokia E62 (~Rs. 12,500). The Nokia E61i was the final winner primarily because it is based on the very stable Symbian OS. Also, it is an improvement over the earlier (tried and tested) Nokia E61 and was launched in May 2007. In terms of features and connectivity options the E61i is comparable to other phones in the category.

Nokia E61i - package contents

The Nokia E61i costs a little north of Rs. 18,850 here in India. Additional charges including VAT apply. In my conversation with the dealer, he claimed that Nokia phones have only a 1% retail margin and therefore credit card charges would be over and above the price of the phone (an additional 2%). Unlike the US, additional discounts are not offered by carriers. You usually end up paying the full cost of the phone and having a zero commitment contract.

The phone comes in a box with a battery charger, a single battery, a memory card (microSD) of 256MB, a pop port headset and a CA-53 data cable. The Nokia CA-53 data cable happens to be the most popular data cable as far as duplication by after-market vendors. I have attached a screen shot of the cable to help identify the real thing. Fake Nokia CA-53 cables never work as intended.

I will be looking to get the best out of the phone in the coming weeks and promise to highlight some of the best applications available out there.

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22 Comments on “My Nokia E61i”

  1. Khushi says:

    Congrats on your new phone. uhmmmm Another gadget to keep you busy in whatever free time u manage to squeeze out of your other passion 🙂
    So India has no deals on phones …..huh US is getting cheaper :o)

  2. mar00ned says:

    Congratulations on your new phone 🙂

  3. Who got your old phone? Who likes to party? Who works at ThoughtWorks? Who now owns a Dell? Who has no money though 😦 Who is waiting for someone to come back to the office so they can introduce him to the Bangalore Ruby dev so he can get started on his project!

    Answers to all the above, ME ME ME!

  4. Karla says:

    Hi! Just transferred from the 6230 to the e61i myself. Having a system error problem with the contacts – everytime I try to sync the 6230 contents with the e61i. Any suggestions?

  5. varun says:

    i have a problem with wifi on the phones..acts weird

  6. venky says:

    I have been eyeing the e61i for some time now, think its a great phone in its class. Here is a link to a site which provides resources for it.

  7. anuj says:

    blackberry with airtel costs 850 a month with unlimited data plan…i use one….

    u can buy a new blackberry 8700 series from the grey market for 12-15k ( wud be vodafone or some other european operator branded) …google apps have a blackberry mail client for blackberry plus u can configure the account as a regular pop email account and have all the messages pushed to u over the blackberry network…not to mention u get a blackberry email account too.

    its a moot point now that u have a new nokia 🙂 but just thot u shud knw

  8. Sam says:

    @ Karla
    What is the error message you are getting?
    I have been able to sync fine, but when I try to browse the contacts, the contact app crashs! Same for you?

  9. Angelica says:

    Congrats on the great phone!!!! Nokia E61i has a wide screen which is great for reading email, texting, and web surfing. Found something interesting on Nokia E61i at

  10. Sandra says:

    WELL. If you were STILL in Seattle and working for RIM…THEN you’d have a really cool and most updated Blackberry…wouldn’t you??? AND…your service would be paid for too! Oh well…sounds like you’re doing well WAY over there in India. I hope you can visit us some day. We all miss you tons over here!

  11. Santosh says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Yes, I miss my Berry mucho 🙂 and am trying hard to find another phone that fits just as well. Been very unsuccessful so far. Look at me talk about phones!

    – Santosh

  12. I have been using the Nokia E61i since 15 days.Most of my friends including ICICI customer care told me that I am not reachable on my mobile.Airtel was my mobile service provider.I am slightly confused is there problem in receiving signal on my phone ? I want to have Blackberry Connect also in my mobile.What should I do.Please suggest me.
    -SP.Murugesa Pandian.

  13. sushil says:

    I have recently bought E61i in mobilestore(Essar) and got a good deal.cost was 16000 including vat.My main intention was to buy ebook reader.But after lot search I came to the conclusion that it’s better go fot a phone with a large screen and E61i gave me that where i downloade ebook reader and now everyday i finish one book.Another thing i like is WLAN support with wich without GPRS I am enjoying surfing and also using reuter for my business need.Thanks to Nokia….

  14. Santosh says:

    Hi Sushil,

    Good to hear that. Thanks for the comment. Sweet deal too!

    – Santosh

  15. Brajendra says:

    I had buy e61i just two week before from the mobilestore…..i am very happy with this machine.
    Aftr long time of searching and changing too much of handset finally i have e61i…..Basically I m a user of SE because of Nokia customer care poor service but due to only this machine i m back wti nokia…………Thanks to Nokia for making a good machine.just improve ur customer care that’s all.

  16. nikky joshi says:

    i have nokia 6600, but i want to change my mobile with exiting new nokia mobile , inthe range of 5000-6500. so please send me advise about this.

  17. SP.Murugesa Pandian says:

    I am using Nokia 6500S.Please let me know what is the default password for call barring.

  18. Suchitra says:

    I was just wondering if anybody has figured out how to set up a voicemail message on their E61i. I mean the kind of message we set up saying “Hi, you’ve reached _____, leave me a message”. No matter how hard I try, I am unable to figure out how and where to go to do that. I am also not sure if this depends on the service provider or the phone. In the US, all the phones I’ve had always had this facility. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  19. pravin says:

    Blackberry software for Nokia E61i

  20. HITESH says:

    m HITESH – I also have my own E61i ,its great , im enjoying it nd u should too baby.GOOD LUCK

  21. selva says:

    really fantastic phone NOKIA E61i

  22. Arjun says:


    I was happy connecting to internet via Blackberry connect 899 plan from Airtel. But Airtel’s network was so pathetic that after 6 months of complaining, i finally switched to Vodafone. But now, Vodafone blackberry is compatible with E61i only to download mails and doesn’t permit internet. So i approached the store and they say that i’d need to subscribe to GPRS paying another 499 per month, despite me being on the unlimited blackberry plan OR i need to buy a ‘blackberry” phone which costs anywhere between 24000-35000 to provide the SAME features that i’d been enjoying in E61i for 1 year now….

    is there any software that will permit me to connect to internet via blackberry, using E61i? Please help!!!