BlackBerry Internet Service is a hit with T-Mobile

Trends are clearly indicating a device with data (connectivity) is just as precious as a device with voice for many different reasons!

T-Mobile customers in the US are trading up from ordinary phones to the BlackBerry pearl. The BlackBerry Internet Service is a primary driver of this trend. It allows users to receive their personal e-mail instantaneously on their handhelds. It is very easy to setup and works well with GMail, Yahoo! and other free e-mail providers.

How repeatable is this trend in India? Yesterday, as I walked with the crowds in Mumbai, I could not help notice the number of folks who were carrying data-enabled handsets, for example – the Nokia 6030, 6230 and so on. I promise more on that later. It looks like there is a sizeable customer segment just waiting for the right spark to flip the demand for mobile data services.

At the Dadar ST bus stand – vendors (street) were selling cheap versions of mobile FM receivers with headsets. This is an oh-so obvious prediction – Mobile Entertainment, Television, Movies will be the next big wave to carry mobile data services into India. Perhaps not e-mail.

Bollywood films are now a click-away.

Regional content to drive rural mobile market.

3G GSM Summit Held in Mumbai with a Focus on Ecosystem around Mobile Value Added Services.

BlackBerry pearl proves consumers want smartphones – Fast Company.

T-Mobile has this to report about it’s BlackBerry Pearl users:

  • Nearly 3 out of 4 T-Mobile customers who upgraded to a BlackBerry Pearl traded up from a regular phone, rather than another converged device.
  • The majority of T-Mobile customers using the BlackBerry Pearl are using it for personal e-mail rather than staying connected to corporate servers.
  • Approximately 80% of all T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl customers to date have signed up for BlackBerry Internet Service only, to take advantage of personal e-mail accounts like gmail, Yahoo! mail, etc. (rather than Blackberry Enterprise Service for corporate e-mail).
  • 96% of T-Mobile Pearl customers send personal e-mail from their device weekly.

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7 Comments on “BlackBerry Internet Service is a hit with T-Mobile”

  1. Rish says:

    I think a device like iPhone will really take Indian mobile market to the next level.

    Why? The cellphone is the Indian primary computer and its usage as a computer resembles Apple iLife jazz – movies, messages, emails, music, photos etc and iPhone does all of that well. Pretty soon it will be something like this – dock your iPhone and you have a big screen with keyboard etc. Take it away and you have everything to go…

  2. northwoods01 says:

    I’m a T-Mobile customer who upgraded from a regular phone to a Blackberry Pearl. I didn’t realize I was part of a trend! Woohoo! I do love my pearl and I use for my personal business not corporate. The buttons are a little small but the screen has amazing resolution. I am waiting to see if T-Mobile joins with Apple so they can carry the iphone…

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  4. vinodpt says:


    Check out if you have a GPRS-enabled mobile phone. Could this be the spark for Indian consumers? I would love to hear your feedback.


  5. Santosh says:

    Hi Vinod,

    Are you connected to Rajesh Jain ( Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to connecting with you.

    – Santosh

  6. Santosh says:

    Liz Cohen, Thanks for the tip.

    Northwoods01, Which BlackBerry do you carry? Thanks for stopping by.

    – Santosh

  7. Eddie says:

    The blackberry pearl, or any other blackberry by t-mobile, doesn’t work in Mumbai…

    T-mobile doesn’t tell you that, until you land here.

    you also can’t use other sim cards in it.