Airline Travel in India hits a wall

… the wall is aptly named infrastructure, or the lack of it. Guess who has to pay for it? You and I do!

Now Congestion Tax” – Shrikant’s Blog.

They (bureaucrats) will always want to pass each individual project rather than define a framework. India a global super power ? my foot. Every foreign company wants access to the billion Indian consumer and participate in infrastructure that is lagging. So they all shower hollow praise and we believe it.

Even Air Deccan – who’s CEO, Capt. G R Gopinath, who dreams of every middle-class Indian to flying 4 times a year – has acknowledged that charging air travelers a congestion tax is necessary alongside Jet, Kingfisher.


One Comment on “Airline Travel in India hits a wall”

  1. mar00ned says:

    There plan to further tax the air-travel in Europe/UK as well. However the reasons are completely different. Airlines are supposedly the major contributors to the Co2 emissions.