– An ‘intelligent’ start-up

I have spent an entire morning playing games on The idea is a very simple one, select photos you like from those presented to you and the web application will attempt to guess your personality traits.

Some truths about myself the application recounted, “your the sort of person who rarely misplaces things”, “you enjoy sarcasm”, “your somewhat laid back today”. The last one was hilarious considering my time spent on the site :). The site is almost like a mirror of mind and personality.

It remains to be seen how the founders will turn into a sensible business. I can already see signs that a social-community structure is being implemented around the application. The company is a Y Combinator startup. I read about likebetter on TechCrunch.


One Comment on “ – An ‘intelligent’ start-up”

  1. unrated says:

    Funny service but it couldn’t have been more wrong for me, I guess my mind is in chaotic mode. I also can’t see (even if it were to save my life) how they’ll ever make money with this.