Filmiholic and The Namesake

Came across a great blog on the desi-videsi movies genre. It’s called Filmiholic. Filmiholics claim to fame in my book is that it captures the less popular but equally enthralling independent Indian cinema very well.

Another blog worth mentioning is Kal Penn’s blog on the new Mira Nair movie “The Namesake”. Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar…) plays the son of Indian immigrants to America in the movie. The blog is about his stay and shooting of the movie in India.


2 Comments on “Filmiholic and The Namesake”

  1. Hiren says:

    Very interesting links. Thanks.

  2. Filmiholic says:

    Thanks, Santosh, for the pointer.

    There were a couple of other movies from the IAAC I hope to write about tomorrow. It was a great festival, but too many competing films and tough choices to make!