Dor: Nagesh Kukunoor perfects the art of story-telling

Dor opens with Gul Panag playing Zeenat, a character defined by a strong sense of honesty, determination, and self-will. The focus is on Zeenat’s serene profile. If your looking for any sign of make-up – you won’t find it. Meera, the other protagonist is played by Ayesha Takia.

Dor is a story of the two women, Zeenat and Meera. Their lives are inextricably linked by a certain sequence of events. At no point are the events incredulous or unbelievable. Also, the events themselves will not dominate your thoughts, rather it is the lives of the two women after these events that will leave a strong mark in your mind. At the risk of oversimplification, you will experience what the majority of women are up against thanks to Indian society and traditions. You will learn that there is at least one solution.

The talented Shreyas Talpade plays the role of Behroopiya. His entrance into the movie is almost an assurance that Zeenat and Meera will find a way to untangle the events. Shreyas’ brand of comic relief is not annoying or repetitive.

Last night, I watched the movie in a packed Multiplex-screen in Pune. Surprised? Even more so when you will learn the show was a late-late show (11pm). The movie had just one dance number (and that too, the number is set with Kajra Re from Bunty aur Bubli). Dor is shot only with the beautiful Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan’s arid backdrop. I am so sure that India (urban and maybe even rural) will accept different cinema.

I admire Nagesh’s work. He has perfected the art of presenting a story to bind the movie-goer. The most memorable scenes have shades of surprise, uncertainty, despair, and hope all painted into brilliant depictions that are alive. I highly recommend Dor if you enjoy watching a rich story unravel. In Nagesh’s own words “The story wrote itself”.

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4 Comments on “Dor: Nagesh Kukunoor perfects the art of story-telling”

  1. mar00ned says:

    I think Ayesha Takia’s performance in particular was really good.

  2. Dor is actually a copy of a malayalam movie Perumazakaalam..not Nagesh’s original work…however, I must say he did copy well…

  3. Abhilash says:

    @Sabu Thaliyath >>

    hey.. he dint copy it. He bought the rights. Yea its not his original work..but he has changed the screenplay and the storyline and added a new character of Yash Talpade which is not in the Malayalam version. Kukkunoor made this really serious storyline a little bit lighter more bollywood style. But the malalyalam one is obviously a lot better and has done more justice to the entire theme

  4. mahesh pandya says:

    i m so impressesd by awful work in”dor’ and i m eager to know about all unit who have been associated with…….!locations…where theses has been picturised, camara workscreenplay writer…. each and every one deserves full congrats…… for such a nice making.keep it up. and my blessings to u all.