SeventyMM featured on GigaOm

GigaOM talks about SeventyMM – “SeventyMM, India’s Netflix”.

The write-up is bullish, with talk of breaking even within the next 18 months in every city they hit. The delivery system is also mentioned, SeventyMM chose to go the private courier/delivery system route simplifying their own operations and controlling lost merchandise en-route. SeventyMM is very keen on going nation-wide although the timing seems rather odd (for example, they will be in Pune 2007).

Seventymm is already up and running in Bangalore and Delhi. And thanks to a $7 million infusion from venture firm Matrix Partners India, announced earlier this week, it will start in Mumbai by the end of this year, in Kolkata and Hyderabad by the first quarter of 2007, and in second-tier cities, of the size of Kanpur and Chandigarh, by the end of 2007.

I should make a slight correction to my earlier post on SeventyMM, SeventyMM does work with depositary participation, and not just a pure service-fee structure. They do require a deposit of Re 999/- that covers the two DVD’s that you can have.


One Comment on “SeventyMM featured on GigaOm”

  1. nemo says:

    Seventymm – HORRIBLE SERVICE! Need to invest first in Systems and Customer Service before adding new features to make more money!
    I Recently subscribed to their service and all the positivity vanishes the moment your cheque is collected.

    Ask for a suggestion for movies and their call center will give an uneducated response! Order a DVD and wait until the delivery boy arrives, (they can come anytime on the next day so better be home!) or you can call the next morning to check and the reply is its been dispatched.
    I waited half a day and then called again to check. Now the reply is “SORRY, SYSTEM FAILURE, DVD WAS NOT DISPATCHED”
    Guess these guys can do with some serious investment in SYSTEMS & CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE if they want to be a leading online rental service.
    While the idea is good, but the quality of service needs some drastic improvisation. At the moment, looks like the company is only interested to keep making more money and expanding to new cities & customers without caring for the existing ones.