RIM releases the BlackBerry Pearl, without the wheel

September always promises some excellent new phones. What a shocker :-), RIM has done away with the (almost) trademark scroll wheel at the side of their phones. Instead, they now have a directional track-ball and a beautiful product called the BlackBerry Pearl. The Pearl was released on September 8th this year and carries the standard set of features one can expect from the BlackBerry line of Business phones, Quad-band, EDGE enabled. Enhancements include a MicroSD slot (a first) and an expanded Bluetooth application profile.

The sticker price is $200 which appears to be incredibly cheap. At that rate, I can aspire to own one in the near future. The phone also ships with the BlackBerry Internet Service which allows up to 10 corporate and personal e-mail accounts.


One Comment on “RIM releases the BlackBerry Pearl, without the wheel”

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