How do you say “nonsense” in Kannada?

Every now and then, bureaucracy in India will go and do something very, very unusual.

Bangalore: Over 1,400 schools in Karnataka have been asked to shut down because they use English as the medium of instruction.

The Karnataka government insists that the medium of instruction has to be Kannada. Royal School, which operated on the basis of government approval, in South Bangalore was among the schools found teaching in English.

A 1994 government order makes it compulsory for all government-recognised schools to use only Kannada as the medium of instruction till Class V.

“We came to know that schools have to close down. Like us, nearly 1,400 schools that teach in English have to shut down immediately. De-recognition means the government withdraws permission and we are left wondering what to do next,” says Joseph Ravi, principal of Royal School.

The crackdown means that over 4.5 lakh children suddenly won’t be learning and parents wondering what’s the solution.



12 Comments on “How do you say “nonsense” in Kannada?”

  1. sanganagouda says:

    the fact is that, these schools took permission for a kannada medium school and started teaching in english meadiun, and they ripped heavy amounts of money from parents. isnt this wrong. this is real cheating to government and kannada people that want to promote kannada which is essencial for its survival, this is no non-sense, “buddigEDi kelasa” is of the schools that violated the law.

  2. Santosh says:

    You do have a point there, they have violated the law. There is also the ugly side, where the parents are ripped off. However, the real question is the law itself. Is it appropriate to enforce kannada as a the only medium of instruction for all government recognized schools?

  3. sanganagouda says:

    definitely it is appropriate because, the government should try to bring uniformity in the society, and above all kannada is official language of karnataka, there is nothing wrong or pupil arent going to loose anything by learning in kannada medium, english must be taught as a language.

  4. Santosh says:

    What about the right to choose your own medium of instruction? Isn’t that a feature of a democratic society?

  5. Santosh says:

    I also noticed that the state allows the existence of schools that don’t give students government accredition, for example Aditi International School Bangalore. These schools continue to teach in english. Unfortunately, these are not affordable schools. So, are you suggesting that the K’taka government won’t offer cheap/affordable education with English as a medium of instruction to the people of the state? Are you also suggesting that instruction in English medium ought to come at a price?

    I would also be grateful if you could help me understand how preserving Kannada as the medium of instruction for subjects such as Science, Maths preserves the “official” status of Kannada?

    I would also like to know where you studied, if I may be so bold as to ask that of you.

    Finally, I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your views. I hope it will be insightful and a learning experience for both of us.

  6. sanganagouda says:

    i studied in kannada medium up to 10 standard. as i can see, all my kannada medium friends are good position now, they are able earn good amount of money, and they are really leading happy lives and i have seen many who failed subjects in their engineering inspite of being learnt in english medium, what matters is analytical and memorising ability to make it. and a good heart and self respect are needed to lead good life. so kannada must be the medium of instruction to bring oneness in the society in karnataka.

  7. Santosh says:

    It’s not about leading happy lives or failing in engg. Learning english or kannada does not guarantee either. I think you miss the point – it is about choice.

  8. Sab says:

    I strongly beleive that mother tongue should be the primary medium of instruction. All throughout my 10/12th I have studied in bengali medium school. I beleive the question or situation is different here.
    1) is the medium of instruction being imposed on individual? the ideal answer should be ‘NO’. you cant force people to learn a language which is not spoken.
    2) can you ensure that the medium of instruction being ‘Mother Tongue’? I dont want to see a situation where a non-kannadiga is forced to embrace kannadiga as mother tongue. That defies the purpose of simplicity
    3) is the situation a ‘survival of a language’ or ‘survival of education’?
    4) where the heck the govt and other NGOs are who knows there are X,Y,Z international schools in all around Bangalore? And that it all ‘Money matters’ there?
    5) why there is no primary basis/standard of education? there is a school every nook-and-corner of the city? business being the aim and it crosses the ‘education’ altogether?

    Moreover, a language can not forced to be taught. it has to be taught with love. people who have come to bangalore needs to be embraced by the local people to teach the local language. I have never seen any such attempt in my past 8 years in bangalore 🙂
    Unfortunate, but true. whereas in my place, i see even a family of 2/3 years starts talking fluent bengali. Think different please —

  9. sanganagouda says:

    kannadiga bangaloreans need to learn that skill, to be friendly to those who come to bangalore and to teach kannada to them.
    each and every kannadiga should prefer kannada to be the language of medium to thier children.
    Learn english as a language. dont put it upon your heads just because it is allover.

  10. Suma says:

    How to tell I Miss YOU in kannada

  11. sanganagouda says:

    I Miss YOU => Ninna Nenapaguttide OR Ninna nenapu kaaduttade.

  12. Sab says:

    Is there a place you keep collecting blogs for the corruption in the sub-registrar office in Bangalore? Can these be collected and produced to prevent such things in future?

    Happy new Year 2007