Z Corp – Rapid Prototype 3D Printers for Concept Modeling

Another tech-entrepreneur at work! Z-Corp offices are located in Pune. While I am not very savvy as far as Industrial design and modeling is concerned – I believe that if this product really can do what it claims it can, it probably carries several patents with it.

Z Corp – Rapid Prototype 3D Printers for Concept Modeling

From what I am given to understand, think of the model in CAD/CAM, feed the digital design to the printer and it will accurately render it for you, layer by layer within hours. Question is, what 3D models will it fail to render? An (unfair?) example was of two rings interlocked in a chain fashion such that the rings can still move.

I am very interested in the method itself. Coming up with an algorithm to render objects in reality is hardly trivial. As is evident, I enjoyed my Engineering Graphics in undergraduate college!


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  1. MANGESH says:

    I want to know more about 3D prototype
    where it is used (Segmentwise).