Give us your best pitch

“We know that it can be really scary to quit your job at an average company doing average work just because you know that if you stay, you’ll end up just like them.

Which is why it’s such a great opportunity!” – Seth Godin, (originally seen on

If you believe that you’re the hottest technical stuff around and possess the perquisite startup DNA we want to hear from you.

If you are in Pune, do stop by. We are located just off Senapati Bapat road. Or just send us an email at connect at bookeazy dot com. The two new positions are described on BookEazy’s hiring page.

BookEazy Technologies Private Limited is a young high-energy technology startup based in Pune, India. We’re a team of ambitious people with a vision to create intuitive, zero-effort consumer-facing technology that blends with the psyche of the Indian consumer.


19 Comments on “Give us your best pitch”

  1. mar00ned says:

    Looks promising. All the best dude.
    — and now I shall return to my average job at average company 😉

  2. khushi says:

    ditto Marooned.

    actually ur few words are a source of deep inspiration.

    Now what I need 2 find is that how long does it take for my average work @ average company to turn me into a rebellion.

  3. Shabbir says:

    All the very best Santosh.

    Kampai !

  4. Santosh says:

    Shabbir, you were supposed to come over to S.B road on the weekend? Where’d you go?

  5. Shabbir says:

    Was down and out of action on Thursday and Friday, due to a bad stomach upset. Visited the doctor and was advised to stay away from an average company doing an average thing – this seems to have taken a toll on my intestines :-)). Have been given me a few inspirational medicines on startups ;-)). Let’s aim for sometime this week. Will call you.

  6. mar00ned says:

    On second thoughts, I am not complaining about my “average” job. Its pays all my bills and gives my enough bandwidth to engage in other important things I love. 🙂

  7. Santosh says:

    in that case – its not an “average” job :-). Your enjoying the balance it gives you.

  8. Santosh says:

    Personally, I always wish I were doing the things I love to do during the conventional work hours.

    So there. Thats the kind of people I would love to talk to. It is a hard problem, but if someone can walk into the company, identify with its spirit, product and values – he would be the best possible hire.

    I am not sure if that will be the case forever, but as long as it is there – I’ll treasure it.

  9. Shabbir says:

    No doubt, it could be a hard thing to get someone like that (as you described). At the same time I reckon that still is a short term or a stop gap solution. The real challenge is to create an environment where the laziest, most dumb and the least motivated guys get fired up to produce beyond their normal expected duties. It surely is a tougher route, but with a long term perspective in mind, it will surely pay off. Ofcourse, it is easier said than done .. but I know who I am speaking to. 😉

  10. Santosh says:

    Shabbir, I like that optimistic note. The problem I am facing is not that candidates are lazy or under-motivated. In fact, most seem to have tremendous initiative.

    In the context of a small team – that (extreme) challenge is probably not the right one to focus on. At the same time, I realise what your trying to get at. All of us at Bookeazy will invest time and effort in their people.

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