Quotes for this week

Don’t let the method distract you from your message.” – A mentor in the past, he may have been talking about e-mail ;-). But I heard what I wanted to hear.

No one told the young guys it couldn’t be done, so they went ahead and did it anyway.” – Another mentor, at an Udupi restaurant, before I left for Pune.

Don’t let the competition or difficulty bother you, stay focused on solving one problem and solve it well.” – Founder of 2 respected startups and also in a mentorship role.


2 Comments on “Quotes for this week”

  1. khushi says:

    Nice Quotes. They have been quenching my
    motivational appetite too.

    Would like to add another one here, the quote i try to live my life upto :

    “If you try……you risk failure.
    If you don’t…..you ensure it. ”