IT: Small Business Market

Never forget the little guy. The small business market in India is huge and technology friendly. 

Search technology, he said, can really open the door to wider markets for small companies. Far-flung customers can find a company's products, while keyword advertising makes marketing more specific and affordable. "It's just been phenomenal what Google has done for our business," said Mr. Braverman, who is 25.

Smaller businesses have now taken the lead in spending on information technology. Small and medium-size businesses — those with fewer than 1,000 employees — account for half of all spending on hardware, software and services in the United States, and their spending grew 35 percent faster last year than the overall market, according to IDC, a research firm. That trend, said Ray Boggs, an IDC analyst, is expected to continue for the next few years as small businesses become more eager and adept at using new Web technology.

Source: NYTimes – Web Services Upend Old Ideas About the Little Guy's role.


2 Comments on “IT: Small Business Market”

  1. Gaurav says:

    >>The small business market in India is huge and technology friendly.

    Couldn’t disagree more – unless “piracy” counts as tech. friendliness 🙂 From my experience, Indian SMB market is pretty slow to adopt technology. There is inherent reluctance to invest in technology because the benefits appear in the long run. Tally is the only product that has gotten some traction in the domestic market. There are many players but the state of the art is very poor.

  2. Santosh says:

    Hey Gaurav,

    Piracy is BAD Karma, so I say – but no one is ever listening. Your right.

    Tech. friendliness is there though.

    Examples of stores in my locality running automated s/w for billing/inventory mgmt:
    * Tru-Mart
    * Venus Traders

    They are sort of pioneers I guess, also Barista’s here are offering Wi-Fi. is managing pune real estate online. There are small-scale R.E brokers involved with the site.

    I have more examples, but the idea is that beyond packaged s/w there are other models we can investigate for SMB.