Investing in Asia

The Best Asian Performers” – Business Week online.

Most people agree that energy and infrastructure companies appear to be up there with the best. Their popularity is attributed to the tremendous momentum transferred to these sectors by sky-rocketing growth in Asia.

It’s not surprising to see Infosys at 39.


3 Comments on “Investing in Asia”

  1. VonAurum says:

    Welcome back to the block San. Happy Diwali

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is what I have to say to the “Asian Best Performers”:

    I am tired, I am weary
    I could sleep for a thousand years
    A thousand dreams that would awake me
    Different colors made of tears

    Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
    Whiplash girlchild, where’s my dollar money
    Westland, your servant comes in bells
    Please don’t forsake him to tether
    Strike, dear mistress, and cure the economy

    – Leveraged thy countenance ‘Venus In Furs for the Asian Economy”

  3. Pupil says:

    Not sure if anonymous is trying to depict the west-east relationship as some sort of primal bondage.

    Anyway, I think he is quoting from “Venus in Furs” – Leopald von Sacher – Masoch.