An Entry in the International Students Handbook

This paragraph from the International Students Handbook warns students about American TV:
Caution: Although television can be an excellent and entertaining way to improve one’s English, it can also have negative effects. First, it presents what most people would consider a distorted view of life in the United States. Second, people sometimes become addicted to “soap operas.” Addiction to soap operas can detract from a student’s academic performance.


7 Comments on “An Entry in the International Students Handbook”

  1. Mithun says:

    Heh…what are they talkin about ? Days of Our Lives?
    Is there anything in there about the corny reality TV shows on MTV that constitue my steady television diet these days ? 😉

  2. Stephanie says:

    No kidding! I remember how horrified I was the first time I was doing research in Africa & saw that they get Jerry Springer there! Nowhere is safe from America’s “idiot box” (aka TV)!

  3. Wuman says:

    tv is goooooood, and I learned the thing called “girls gone wild”

  4. Santosh says:

    :)!!! Oh btw, the reverse does not hold, having a high GPA does not mean that the student does not watch American TV!

    – Santosh

  5. Stephanie says:

    Then again, where I am (Indiana) seems to be a breeding ground for the Jerry Springer show. You can imagine the conversations I hear on the bus to campus every day! Who just got out of jail, who’s messing around with who, who’s pregnant & how many people might be the dad, etc. So, how far from reality is some TV in the US. Still, I’d rather they show the Cosby Show than Passions!

  6. Santosh says:

    Errr… maybe TV is not far from reality for most of America! I mean, some of the real people out there are exactly what you see on the Jerry Springer show?

    – Santosh

  7. Stephanie says:

    I wish I was joking 🙄 but I’m not. If you ever cross through Bloomington, Indiana, be sure to take a bus ride & see for yourself!