Delayed Flights
A foot of Snow
-30 deg Celsius
Tremendous Wind Chill factor
Warm friends
Busy Days ahead
Welcome Back!!


6 Comments on “Rochester”

  1. Mithun says:

    Welcome back indeed !

  2. Friend says:

    Hey… I wish you have not come back again. You dont deserve to be in US. You are such a disgusting, boring and pathetic guy i have ever seen. Pls get the fuck out of US and RIT….

  3. Fuyuko says:

    Welcome back Santosh! Once you settle down give us a call or drop a line…whatever. I have your microwave if you are still interested.

  4. Rishabh says:

    Come over to LA. We have a very sunny weather here. Perfect time to bask on the beach. Jealous!

  5. Santosh says:

    Err… Rishabh, how many nationalities have you dated so far?


    – Santosh