Man versus Machine

News report just in, Kasparov had an advantage over Fritz in 16 moves! Looks like Fritz has a programming problem with his opening game :)!

He probably studied the Computers ‘thinking’ really well before coming in with a killer strategy. Some say the strategy was too forward thinking!! Kasparov is now in the business of breaking computer chess programs 🙂 Brilliant I say, every chess game programmers worst nightmare. The newscientist explains the twin strategy that Kasparov employed very clearly!


2 Comments on “Man versus Machine”

  1. A frequent stopperby says:

    I don’t know a whole lot about chess or game programming, but seems to me like one advantage human beings have over processors is that undefinable quality of instinct.
    During a game (or any decision-making task for that matter), the human mind often seems to depend on a deja vu flash to tell it what to do next even if it hasn’t done it before.
    It’s as if we gather information not just from the core but also from the periphery of every situation we’re in…like associating smells to places or times of the day…or the way your mind flits from one (seemingly) unconnected thought to another…
    God! I’m rambling now and it’s not even my blog 🙂

    Ohh, by the way, I like questions disguised as helpful suggestions (“you got to be a student or in some other way associated to RIT and software development”) 🙂 Yeah, I’m an RIT student, totally immersed in software development because of my co-op.

  2. Santosh says:

    Ok this is a genuine question!
    Are you in Rochester?
    Nedstat reads a number of hits from B & L this morning.

    What do you mean by “my blog” :)! in fact I could post your thoughts for you or link to your page or allow you to author posts yourself, due credits of course.