Ice Storm

Rochester had an ICE STORM over the weekend. This is not a SNOW STORM.
Everything is simply Ice before it hits the ground. The Lights blew out all over
campus due to the storm. One last gasp of bitter cold before the Summer?


One Comment on “Ice Storm”

  1. Jack Daniels says:

    FYI – 162,000 people did not have power in the Rochester area because of the Ice Storm.

    Next time you interview with MS, and they ask you to find out the number of golf balls that fit in a 747 or something silly like that… ask them to find out how much the weight of a tree increases during an ‘average’ rochester ice storm? Subsequently, how many trees fall under their own weight? Causing damage to how many cars? Effecting the insurance premiums in the region by how much?

    And for good measure… throw in this question… “What is the meaning of life?”

    “Why are manhole covers round”… shit… HR folks in these big companies need to get a life!!!

    Jack D.