The Next Generation Internet

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are lucky to be in the age where we can experience
the birth of the next generation of Internet services. I shall not be so crude
by drawing a parallel to a supernova, since we already have witnessed the
birth of the Internet, but yes, this is very significant.

Couple of months back I blogged about the 802.11b networks sprouting
up in Coffee shops and Airports, allowing people to connect to the Network in
an ad-hoc manner. The Wireless Internet will mean that we will witness the
proliferation of such networks Nationwide. By nationwide I mean the USA,
although I would be much happier if I meant India.

How far ahead am I? Well I do have a neat notebook pc, I am still looking for
deals on a wireless card though. Once my scholarship increment comes through,
It won't be so difficult to get hold of a good deal on the card. Patience always
pays off.


One Comment on “The Next Generation Internet”

  1. Mithun says:

    Didn’t we have that talk abt US being so hi-tech just last night ? 😉