Distributed Systems and valid research

Its getting cold here in Rochester, 2 degrees centigrade to be precise and verbose. Its been another fruitful day. I just managed to get my Programming Langauge Theory assignments in time, oh brother will have to plan much more than what I am doing. Also got started on a research paper which could be published in some time soon. Now this is real motivation. There is also now an opportunity for me to ensure my dad does not have to pay any more fees than is necessary. Now this is definitely the big fish
for me. Apart from that life is getting busier. I am now working on a Distributed Document Processing
system which is currently suffering from deadlocks (ouch). Anyway once thats over with I am sure
everything will only get worse. I still have to submit a paper on Peer to Peer networks 🙂

Well, alteast I blog everyday right ?